Social Studies

The Darien K-5 Social Studies Program encourages students to examine and understand communities, from the local to the global, their various heritages, and the nature of citizenship within them. Social Studies instruction:

· Fosters individual/cultural identity

· Examines forces that hold society together or pull it apart

· Provides opportunities for participation in school/community

· Addresses critical world issues

· Prepares students to make decisions based on democratic principles

· Teaches skills needed for citizen participation in public affairs

Social Studies K-5 Scope and Sequence

Grade Level Content Focal Points

K: Self and Others

1st: Family and Local Community

2nd: National Communities

3rd: Global Communities

4th: Connecticut and Regions of the United States

5th: Discovery, Founding and Early Development of the U.S.

"Excellent social studies instruction does not merely have students repeat information that they have heard or read; rather, it engages them in thinking about ideas, concepts, people, places, events and, yes, even facts. Some memorization of dates and facts will always be necessary, but it is critical thinking that will be vital to our students as they make their way into the future."

-Mike Yell, National Council of Social Studies President